About us

The Windy Hill Windsock team bring you upto date thoughts and weekly podcasts on everything Essendon. Whether that be discussing which beer goes the best with the Footy, or whether James Hird is the greatest player ever, the passion the team have for the Essendon Football Club cannot be questioned.


A ranter, if ever there was one. Gets very annoyed at society and how it works in general, way too easily. And then feels compelled to rant and vent about it, until he feels that he has been heard. A typical Gen Y’er …. it’s all about him him him and immediately is too slow. But he knows his football does The DailySweep and he brings a special knowledge of all things Bombers and our list to the table.

The Solution

Maybe a misnomer. No definitely a misnomer. Adept at revealing problems but not that good at solving them, preferring that be left to others more capable. Loves his old skool Bomber players, stories of yester-year and references to the halcyon days at Windy Hill and the Tunnel nightclub …. where he used to crumb drink-cards and lady friends like he was a real footballer! As if?


The Ying …. if the others are the Yang. Not that great with the detail, but gets the big picture stuff (most of the time). Proudly Bombers but passionately balanced and usually considered. Part Anthony Mundine. Part Pitbull. Dee Jay could have been anything until his sporting and singing careers were cruelled by an unfortunate lack of talent. Now the WindSock is all he has.

The Correspondent

In name & nature, part-time at best. Walks the streets of inner Northern Melbourne, strangely sees & hears nothing… Thinks he’s funny, but better as the straight guy!