Be gone, Pest.

By Twitter_logo_blue Sweep

Sam Mitchell is a germ. He is nothing more than a skid mark, lower than pond scum, a deadset wanker. We all know this. The “Brownlow Medallist” has now reached an all-time low. We didn’t think he could get any lower than his actions in the jabbing-gate incident, but it appears this fine specimen of a human being has now spat at opponent Sam Grey during the Eagles victory over Port Adelaide on Saturday night.

This person is a grub. He is nothing more than thug who plays the game like the filthy individual he is. This piece is taking aim at Sam Mitchell the person – not Sam Mitchell, the footballer. Anyone who thinks it is ok to spit at anyone, let alone his fellow players is a horrendous human. His actions show a blatant disrespect for his opponent, and shows him as the person he really is.

Sam, to you, I say this; you’re not worthy of being labelled a Brownlow Medallist. You’re not worthy of being labelled a decent human being. You’re not worthy of stepping foot on the footy field and acting as a role model to young people around the country. Do us all a favour and f**k off and retire already you disgusting excuse for a human being. You’re merely a flea – a parasite, that serves no other purpose but to agitate those around it.



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