The Sunday Breakfast – Father’s Day Edition

I have one thing to say to those hating on our success – GET USED TO IT

By  The Solution

Haters Gone Hate

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, good luck trying to find a seat in the cafe this morning, and even better luck waiting the 2 hours it will take for them to make your 2 poached eggs on sour dough. We all know you would have preferred to chill on the couch, but what can you do.

And congratulations yet again to Andrew McGrath for his Rising Star Award, what a magnificent and impressive young man he is.

The Award was well deserved and wonderful to see, and it has also provided a not-unexpected side benefit. For how much fun has it been watching the haters on social media lose their shit over the result? There were of course the sore losers in the Port and Hawks fraternity that thought their man should have won, but it also stirred up a more general hate that us Bomber fans have become all too accustomed to. You know the drill: “Essendon took drugs and look now they are getting rewarded for it”, blah blah blah wank wank wank…

Well, it is true that if it wasn’t for the saga, we wouldn’t have McGrath. So in some strange way if it wasn’t for He Who Must Not Be Named (Dank) and another crony or two we wouldn’t have McGrath either. Forgive me though if I don’t send Dank a card to thank him.

However what the haters conveniently forget is that Essendon just suffered the most punitive punishment ever delivered to a Club – a double jeopardy punishment that has ruined careers, ruined lives, and made Essendon the scapegoat for an entire competition’s failings.

So how about you assholes worry about your own Club, because if you don’t like Essendon having success I have one thing to say to you – GET USED TO IT. Because this Rising Star Award to a most deserving winner is just a small sign-post on the Essendon Football Club’s road to what I believe will be Premiership success.

Players Gone Play, Maybe

Our ability to further get under the skin of the haters by winning against Sydney could hang on the fate of 3 injured stars – Fantasia, Hooker and Hurley. If we believe the reports, Hurley is the most likely to return, Hooker the least likely and Orazio somewhere in the middle.

If I had to guess, I think Hurley and Raz play and the Hooker decision will be left as late as possible, with a number of questions to be answered before a decision can be made. Will he be fit enough to be effective? Is there a chance of re-injuring himself? We would not want to go a man down against a middle distance running Sydney that go all day. We also have to plan for the eventuality that we might win, and if so what would an extra week mean for Hooker’s fitness, and for Essendon’s run at a Flag? It could be significant.

It I was Essendon I would role the dice, and instruct Hooker to make like a fish with a light on it’s head in the Marianas Trench and play super deep. The Sydney Cricket Ground’s postage stamp size will help in this regard, and reduce the likelihood of Hooker’s opponent being able to run off him and do damage the other way.

Fingers crossed all 3 play, and play well. For if they do, we could stick it up the haters and pull off a famous victory! I cannot wait.




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