Ode to A Rising Star

An Ode to Andrew McGrath – from the Poet with the Moet

By Twitter_logo_blue CrazyThaiName


It comes but once a year

They name the Rising Star

There’s always someone robbed

Snubbing Cyril set the bar


The waiting is intense

The nominations give you thrills

And then they award last years

To Callum bloody Mills


They really are so biased

These players of years gone by

How do they award this shit?

It almost makes you cry


And enter the current crop

Pepper Pig was “sure” to win it

And those wily pundits cheered

But the judges pulled a ‘nek minnit’


But was it Ryan Burton

The Hawks sad story defender?

He’ll be in the vein of Rance

Another ‘robbed’ awardless pretender


Nah….the victor on the day

Was spotted from afar

And 9 of 11 judges

Had him as the one setting the bar


He’s just a number one draft pick

His skills are never faulty

The diminutive Bomber kid

Has left all Hawks fans salty


Noted as the best

The cream of last year’s draft

And when they named him best

Not one Hawks fan laughed


They were too busy crying

Their sad and salty tears

For if you believe the dribble

They expected champagne in their beers


But the only one worth cheering

And the deserved Rising Star

Charge your glass with the top shelf bubbles

For Andy “Pidge ” McGrath


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