The Sunday Breakfast

No sleep stress 5 coffees yes I’m a mess

By  The Solution

We will win, won’t we?

Surely we couldn’t lose, could we? I mean Fremantle have been pitiful recently – even at home. We need to win, have to win, must win! The incentive could not be greater – a spot in the finals, an opportunity to make some noise, and a chance at redemption for players and fans alike.

Then why am I a mess? I’ve had more coffees than I’ve had minutes sleep, and my physical and mental state is unlikely to improve when I switch from coffee to beer around lunchtime.

The truth is I’m nervous as hell. We know Essendon have not handled the weight of expectation that goes with being favourite particularly well. The Brisbane game springs to mind at the most glaring example. Then there is the influence of the umpires. Again, see the Brisbane game. I don’t trust em, I don’t trust the AFL, and frankly I don’t trust the Bombers. Not yet.

With the results of yesterday the pressure feels almost intensified. Rather than worry about percentage, all we need is a win. A one point win will do. Surely we can eek out a win. Surely?

In summary, like a rescue pet I’m just twitchy as all f*ck, having been beaten down too many times and suffered too many disappointments to be confident. Imagine if it gets close? Imagine if we are one 1 point down with a minute to go? Even the thought of it makes me want to vomit.

Nope, I won’t relax until the final siren sounds and 60 thousand members break into See The Bombers Fly Up. Then I think I will collapse in a heap. And drink.

Stants and applaud 

Stants is our latest retiree, and there will be more I am sure over the next couple of weeks. Rusty wrote eloquently earlier this week about the great career that Stanton has had and I echo his thoughts, with this one addition: he always struck me as one of the least “Hollywood” guys you will ever meet. Extremely down to earth and not self-regarding at all, he harks back to another era where players had jobs, and didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Well done Stants, and good luck with the next chapter.

City of Sin or Richmond?

Assuming we do win, it would appear we will be travelling to Sydney in two weeks, where we will have a chance to right the wrong of earlier in the year when we lost the unloseable game. Of course if West Coast beat Adelaide by a large margin, they could leap-frog us into 7th, however that appears unlikely.

I think there is only thing that dares to threaten the Sydney scenario – Richmond losing to StKilda at the MCG this afternoon.

Now on face value that appears unlikely. Richmond are the superior team fresh off a 100 point thrashing of the Dockers, and they are at their beloved MCG. The Saints are Etihad specialists and rarely play at the G, and when they do they usually get beat.

But the above, based on logic, discounts one key factor – Richmond. And I don’t mean Richmond the team, but Richmond the verb. For Richmond losing would be the most Richmondy example of Richmonding that I could imagine. It would be A-Grade A-Class Richmonding, and it would deliver Essendon a Final in Melbourne at the MCG, in what would be a BLOCKBUSTER in front of 100 thousand people. C’mon Richmond, revert to type and Richmond yourself up your own rectum.

As long as we don’t do the same, and win today!



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