Ode To Hodor

An Ode To Hodor

By Twitter_logo_blue CrazyThaiName

They say good things come

To those that wait

And there’s a young man

Who’s been keen for a date


Many a time

And just cos he can

Woosha had Fridge

Named as 23rd man


So close you could taste it

We yearned for a sip

And finally young Begs

Got his chance to let rip


The lad they call Hodor

And we know as Fridge

Debuted with much keenness

Like our Number one Pidge


Was it inglorious?

Was it just hype?

Oh no, not for Fridgey

Cos he was cherry ripe


First kick, first goal?

Don’t mind if I do

Then speared passes to Jimmy

And he snaffled two


One more to Lav

Who did somehow miss

Then Fridge said No worries….

You lads: I’ve got this


A pass in from Zacka

A good one, so nifty

Fridge looked for an option

Then just dobbed it from fifty


First five kicks

Went something like this

Two goals two goal passes

And that not so flash miss


Pretty good start

And that was just his first quarter

Will we see more of Fridge?

Dons fans think we oughta


Aside from that kid on debut

There is another I’ll name

Who has been reaching the heights

And played another great game


He was prowling around

And showing his class

For his 38 possies

He gets more than a pass


Many here have been critics

And I call you all turds

Cos Zacka’s been awesome

Now go eat your words


He didn’t stop fighting

He was really in it all

And showed that he can

Win plenty of the ball


He will re-sign

And this is deserving

And all of us girls

Can enjoy him (totes perving)


The man bleeds red and black

This has never been in doubt

He’s a Bomber for life

He’s what it’s all about


So the win wasn’t flashy

But we took the points on offer

And for this week

There’s one thing I’ll proffer


We must beat Freo

If not we’ll all cry

Because finals for Jobe

Is an appropriate good bye



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