Kelly To The Dons? Yes Please.

Everyone looks better in Essendon colours – apart from Reimers

By Twitter_logo_blue Sweep

Dons’ Kelly Push screamed the headlines – could we actually be a chance to land the hottest available prospect in this year’s exchange period? The answer is that it is unlikely, but my God, to lure this absolute gun away from the Giants would be fantastic, as long as it meant not paying overs for him and losing our way by trading away our future.

Truth be told, I had no idea who this kid was prior to this year. I haven’t paid attention to the Giants list. It’s a list that has been gifted to them from the Powers That Be living in the Ivory Tower that is AFL headquarters. Then came the rumblings that there was another kid looking to come home and follow the likes of Adam Treloar and Tom Boyd. Kelly was actually taken at pick 2 in the same draft as Tom Boyd, which is the same draft that netted us Zach Merrett (pick 26).

Kelly is averaging nearly 27 touches and 5 tackles a game in a team littered with talent this season. He is a gun – there is no questioning that. He has poise, class and maturity beyond his years and is already a complete player. By way of context, Dustin Martin – this years Brownlow favourite and another player up for grabs is 26 years old this year and comes with a whole heap of baggage and some seriously shit tattoos. If we target anyone this year it has to be Kelly.

In order to land this kid though we must satisfy two key areas. The first of which is to either be the highest bidder or to prove that our Club’s future is bright. Without knowing the kid’s priorities let’s assume for a second he is still playing for the love of the game, wants to come home to Victoria and it’s not all about money. The Giants potential is virtually unmeasurable, and they could easily be premiership contenders for the next 5 years. We need to show Kelly that we can also be contenders and that our facilities are world class at Tullamarine. We also need him to meet our experienced coaching group, probably the most experienced in the league. We can throw Merrett, Hurley, Heppell and Daniher into the meeting as well to show the calibre of players he can expect to be playing with in the future. The risk is that, if it’s purely a monetary decision for Kelly we probably don’t have the space right now to give him what other clubs can offer.

We’d also need to satisfy the Giants trade requirements for Kelly’s services. This is always a tough one for fans. It usually means giving up quality to get quality. Rarely do you get a situation where you get quality for nothing. This is where we need to think long and hard about what we’re willing to give up to get Kelly. Is it an Aaron Francis? Is it a Zaharakis, who is in exceptional form, out of contract and an experienced player? Is it a player and a pick? Is it two players and a pick? The answer here is one that will require great consideration from Dodoro and his team. I’d personally part with our first round pick this season and a quality young player like Francis in order to land Kelly.

Or we could give them Travis Colyer? Sounds like a fair deal to me! (Sorry Trav)



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