The Sunday Breakfast

The Windsock 2000 says we play finals

By  The Solution

An Ugly Win But A Good Day

Not the greatest game and we didn’t play particularly well, but we got the 4 points. Begley had the best 1st quarter debut ever, Merrett and Zaharakis were a class above, and Bellchambers monstered the ruck, but aside from those and one or two other noteworthy performances, last night was a lost opportunity to pile on some percentage, which as per below will be key.

But the day itself delivered more than I could of hoped for when I first sat on the couch and prepared to barrack hard for both Port and GWS. GWS got over the line as expected but the Port result was a shock. Paddy Ryder appeared super motivated and was pretty much the difference – could he have been doing it for his old teammates? Highly doubt it, but we’ll take it. Thanks Paddy, and thanks Port, but I now hate you again as normal service resumes.

Bring Your Own Calculator

I hated mathematics at school, and I’m afraid our finals fate is going to come down to just that – maths. Specifically, percentage. I’ve put every permutation and computation through the Windsock 2000 computational tool and it has spit out the following answer – that Essendon, West Coast and Melbourne will win the next 2 games, and Essendon will sneak into 8th position, just, with a .1 superior percentage.

The problem is that the Windsock 2000 also predicted that a piece of Swiss cheese would win the Brownlow, so I wouldn’t take that to the bank just yet. One risk to this result is that there is only a small percentage difference between Essendon and West Coast, and the Eagles play an Adelaide team with no real motivation to win. It is not hard to envisage a scenario where the Eagles get on top early, and Adelaide with an eye to the following week put their cue in the rack. The Eagles are downhill skiers as we know, and could pile on goals late. Essendon on the other hand play the anti-football Dockers, who like to play with 18 players behind the ball, and love nothing more than reducing the game to a soccer score. Given our proclivity to miss shots for goal, we might have a very nervy Sunday afternoon. So bring your scarf and bring your calculators, as next week is going to be all about the numbers.

The Talisman Must Return

As a collective we all need to get up, get dressed, and head off to our local Church/Mosque/Synagogue/Temple/Coven/Scientology Auditing Centre and pray for the healthy return of Hurley. Reading “Hurley Out” was a surprise last week, supposedly due to a one week calf injury. One week and calf injury are two terms that don’t usually go together, however we desperately need him.

So short of amputation, Dr Reid and the team need to do everything they can to get him up this week. He is more than a great defender, he is our on-field talisman and leader who lifts everyone around him, and makes an otherwise shaky defensive look passable. But the supporters need to do our bit too, so get on your knees people and pray.

Comeback Story

I don’t know which creative agency EFC uses these days but whatever acid they popped to come up with the slogan, it has rang true for me all year. I don’t think we can get deep into the finals – a likely first round loss to Sydney is what the realist in me believes will happen – but if we can sneak a final, I think the Comeback will be complete. Here’s hoping it can happen.



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