Stock the Fridge!

It’s a big game – you know what to do

By  The Solution

Winters in Melbourne can drag on, so every time I go to Queensland at this time of year the thought momentarily crosses my mind that, “shit, I could actually live here”. Usually it takes about a day to revise my position as the Queensland drawl starts to grate, I can’t find a decent coffee and the Bundy and coke filled local drunks start to give me the shits. Certainly Brisbane is changing for the better but many other places have not in The Land of the Long White Sock.

The Gold Coast is more the Land of the Long Powdery Line – the last time I was there Surfers felt like the old Kings Cross of the 90s. Coke, bikies, liposuction, over-priced theme parks mixed with some very pleasant retirees from Southern states make it weird enough, then you look at their footy team. They still play like a bunch of misfits to me and a club going nowhere. Rocket Eade is the latest casualty, and there will be more.

But that is no matter, we simply must win or our season will die a death. To have lost our talisman in Michael Hurley is worrying – but I still think we will have enough talent and enough motivation to get the 4 points. Port have just lost, GWS will hopefully dismantle West Coast, and then suddenly things are looking up!

So stock the fridge and get ready for a theme park style ride of your life, as Essendon hopefully ascend into the 8 – and stay there.



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