The Match Review Panel Stinks

Toby Greene last week passed the audition for the Enter The Dragon re-boot

By Twitter_logo_blue The Solution

I could go through in all its baffling detail every decision that the Match Review Panel has gotten wrong over the years. I could, but I won’t.

Firstly, not only do I not have all day, I don’t have all year. Nor all decade actually. Secondly, I’m not sure our antiquated internet infrastructure that we have to suffer here in Australia can carry the bandwidth, as that shame file is a long one indeed. Finally, I’m quite happy with the new Surface Pro I bought recently and don’t wish to smash it, which I will do out of frustration if I go down that rabbit hole.

And in any case I don’t need to table the whole file of evidence, we see it week in week out. So let’s just touch on the latest example of MRP incomprehensibility – the Tony Greene incident. Toby Greene last week passed the audition for the Enter The Dragon re-boot, for that karate kick could not have been better timed if it was choreographed. Bruce Lee is dead, or so they say, but he lives on in Toby. The kick was deliberate, dangerous, and it is sheer luck that Luke Dahlhaus did not need to be rushed to hospital afterwards for emergency facial reconstructive surgery.

That a couple of opposition coaches in Chris Scott and Adam Simpson have been moved to comment this week is indicative of how ridiculous the decision is. Yet the decision was made. Why? Was it corruption? Was it pure incompetence? Was it a combination of both?

It’s the same set of questions we also ask of the umpiring, and of other decisions that the AFL make regarding governance of the game. My personal view is that this specific decision was designed to protect GWS’ run at a Flag, which the AFL so desperately hopes is a success.

And this is perhaps the real genius of the MRP. The decisions that are routinely handed down are so incongruous, so devoid of logic, so impossible to fathom or rationalise, that we now cannot recognise corruption when we see it. So if the AFL does lean on the MRP, we won’t even know, as you can’t tell the diarrhea from the shit any more.

It’s all quite brilliant really.


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