The Blame Hound

Essendon remains the dog under the table that you kick when you fart

By Twitter_logo_blue The Solution

I wrote last week about how Essendon is treated like the naughty kid in school – everything we do is scrutinised, and when things go wrong we are blamed.

Well to the AFL media and footy world I have one thing to say – get stuffed, the lot of you.

After all we have been through, do you really believe we give a shit what you think? That Hooker and Daniher will curtail their celebrations because you deem them inappropriate? That our supporters give any weight to the opinion of journalists or commentators, many of whom have their own agendas, and their own skeletons?

What we did learn through the ASAGA – if we didn’t know this already – is that journalists love a pile in, love kicking others when they are down, and above all that they love CLICKS.

So if they want to use Essendon as the “blame hound” – the dog they kick under the table when somebody farts – then so be it, and if they think that being critical of Essendon drives clicks, then they are welcome to go for their life. For in truth I’m almost enjoying the change in psychology associated with being the competition’s bad boy. Those old enough to remember will recall that Essendon used to be laughed at for being too conservative. We were branded as straight laced, tee-totaling (ironic given you will not find a more alcoholic supporter group) ultra-Anglicans more interested in stashing war bonds than being innovative.

Well, I guess we smashed that perception. Not that it was worth it – it sure as hell wasn’t. But, in some strange way it has been sort of liberating. As a club we know who we are, we know where we are going, and we now don’t give a stuff what anyone thinks.



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