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A promising career in porn awaits Michael “The Fister” Hartley

By Twitter_logo_blue The Solution

Well, a big game this evening against a rampant Adelaide and I can’t say I’m confident. A host of outs, mostly bad, with Merrett, Fantasia, and funnily enough Bellchambers all big losses. After a season of few injuries, our luck may be starting to run out.

That said, I give us a sneaky chance to win for one reason alone – we have tended to rise to the occasion against teams above us, when it’s least expected. Sure, that has often been on the back of an outstanding performance by Zach Merrett and some goals by Fantasia, but we still have plenty of quality out there on the field and players who can do damage. Wonder Walla is one. Heppell is back to his best. We all know Hurley is a beast ready to make Taylor Walker his bitch.

And we do have Joe Daniher. Joe can win a match off his own boot, and if he was to have a day out, and most importantly kick straight, you just never know.

The dropping of Hartley may have risen a few eyebrows. I believe it has been coming for a while: Hartley is a one-dimensional fister (a career in porn beckons once he retires) who has looked out of sorts all year. That said, I’m not sure this was the week to drop him. The Crows have some key forwards who can clunk it, and if our midfield gets its pants lowered yet again – more likely now with Zach out – then my worry is it could rain goals.

Which is one thing we can’t afford to happen. Our percentage is superior to West Coast and Melbourne who are also vying for that 8th spot, but only marginally, and it is vital that even if we lose, we batten down the hatches and make it close.

Which leads me to believe there might be a possibility (albeit small) that Woosha might finally play that card that he’s been hiding up his sleeve all this time – Hooker down back! Think about it – Hartley is out, Adelaide have talls, we need to protect our percentage, our midfield will likely get smashed…

Except this is John Worsfold, not Sheedy, so it probably won’t happen. That said, I’m going along tonight with some hope that we can make it close, with maybe a small glimmer that, with a bit of luck, we might do it for Jobe. Here’s hoping.



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