Essendon v Carlscum

I hate Carlton, we all do right. Yes we absolutely need to win this and I am heading to the G (current personal record in 2017 is 0-3). Bugger it, I know I said I wouldn’t, but this is serious and no pseudo self imposed hex is going to impact the outcome right (fark I hope not..)?

So to team selection, Pops & Pidge rested, not surprised, both will be missed but they also need a rest. Laverde omitted, he will bounce back and 2018 will be a better year for him. The ins are interesting, great to have Ambrose back, good to be able to say that about a bloke who has finally found his spot in defense. Green will go forward, which might means Walla spend a bit of time at half back. Bobcat clearly in to run with Gibbs imo, who has a good record of knocking up 30+ stats against us.

Carlscum have a few outs, some of their kids are sore, Kreuzer’s head too. Thanks Paddy.

I write this as light rain falls, gee I hope it’s not a repeat of round 3 (yes I was there). I’ll say it again, I hate Carlton and we need this win.

So that’s it, it’s simple. We have finals to play for, the Blues? Fark all..No more words, now action is needed. Joey to kick 5+ (Liam Jones bubble to burst) and the Coleman will be his…

Go Dons.


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