A Big Big Big Big Game


The last 16 years have been like a bad hangover  

By Twitter_logo_blue The Solution

As a guy who likes the odd bet, I’m a believer in the adage “you only remember the wins not the losses”.

So when it comes to Essendon, I have to admit that the last 16 years are a bit hazy. Like trying to remember the night before when nursing a thumping hangover, I can only piece together flashes really: James Hird hugging the fan after the “horror week”, Matthew Lloyd caving Brad Sewell’s face in, and… umm… yep, that’s about it.

If we are honest our Club has been more barren than a 70 year old nun. We’ve also experienced more recent pain than a nipple in a clamp. The fact that we can muster 60,000 plus members is a tribute to All.

And this is what makes tomorrow’s game so huge. Win, and we could really be on the cusp of something special. One thing I do know – there are a bunch of teams above us that will fear us, in part because we’ve beaten many of them. And they all know that at our best, our football is scintillating. We can rain goals on our day, and make even the best defences look average.

Usually, I hate the 1.10pm Sunday time-slot, but this time round I’m glad because the sooner this game comes round the better. It feels like a final, and for all intensive purposes it is. Come on Essendon, let’s win this Mother!




One thought on “A Big Big Big Big Game

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