By Milton

After one of the Bombers worst performances in recent years just two weeks ago, things were looking grim, us Bombers fans were in a dark place and looking forward to 2018… Low and behold they have followed it up with close to eight perfect quarters of footy. Whatever was done and said after that Lions game is working. I have it on good authority that Woosha and a few of the boys sought advice from the much reliable Windy Hill Windsock website. After hearing and reading some honest home-truths, the boys are back!!

There is no doubt when the Bombers are up and about, they are bloody good to watch and I’d even go as far as saying one of the best teams in the competition. Their consistency is the only thing that has let them down this year but last weekend’s 61-point win has us dreaming of September. With the competition, tighter then a cat’s sphincter and some very winnable games coming up, a top 8 finish is definitely not out of the question! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, after all, our Achilles-heel all year has been our clearances and even the Bombers’ dominant display on the weekend saw them loose the clearance count yet again. If we are going to make the eight and indeed do some damage in September, this is an area for improvement.

The Bombers however were electric, tackling pressure was through the roof and the most impressive thing about the win is that our ‘middle of the range’ players are starting to stand up! Players like Marty Gleeson, Connor McKenna, David Myers, Tommy Bellchambers are all starting to have solid impacts on the game. Gleeson was backing into packs, taking grabs and taking real control across the back line. McKenna is breaking lines and his run and carry means he doesn’t have to have a lot of it to do a lot of damage. He looks more like a half open pocket knife when he kicks but he took a fair few kick-outs which shows how much confidence Essendon have in him. Myers is starting to get his hands on the footy and his big body means he is extremely versatile.

James Stewart is another one I would put in that category. Although his kicking was very poor on the weekend, he is finding the footy and crashing packs. I can see a bag from him just around the corner.
Michael Hurley is always going to do Michael Hurley things and Zac Merrett is going to Zac Merrett things but if the rest of the team step up around them like they have been doing, strap yourself in, we could be in for a hell of a ride!

It would be rude not to mention Big Joe, the bloke is on fire and is starting to put himself into a league of his own. His 4 goals and 2 absolute hangers were unbelievable, not to mention doing it all on Jake Carlisle. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. Give Joe the car now, and the way he is going, chuck the Coleman in the glovebox.

I can’t go a whole write-up without giving someone a serve. This week’s serve goes to Scott Mcgrory (it’s okay I had no idea who he was before the weekend either). I really wasn’t going to give him the time of day but what the hell?! Last week the Fox Sports ‘reporter’ said that asking James Hird to present this year’s Norm Smith Medal would be like asking Lance Armstrong to present the Yellow Jersey at the Tour De France. Well Scott, sounds to me that you need to go back to riding pushies, you fucking halfwit. Your ‘journalist’ training wheels are obviously still on and by the sounds of that, won’t be coming off anytime soon champ. I was hoping Hird impolitely declines the AFL’s offer and he tells them to go jam their Norm Smith, but now just in spite of Mcgrory, who apparently knows so much about AFL and the whole ASADA situation, I hope he takes them up on their offer.

Fun fact about Mcgrory while we are on him – he was born in the UK. Get on your pushie, get a big jump, get a run up and go back there mate no one will miss you here. If you fall short and end up somewhere in the Indian Ocean, give me a bell, I’ll get the flight MH-13 responders straight on-it.

Go the Dons, keep this steam-train rolling!!



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