By The Correspondent

Bombers v Saints – Friday July 14

Ok, so on the back of a return to the winners circle with a solid win over the Pies, we now face the boys from Seaford (don’t ever complain about our move to Tulla) on Friday night. Safe to say, if we want to keep the slim hope of 2017 Finals alive, this game is a must win.

I write this on a Wednesday, so no team selections, but news just i that Paddy McCartin will miss again due to concussion complications. Just a note on younger, non-midfield players, they take time, so everyone needs to ease up on Francis and to a lesser degree, Laverde.

This game is full of speed, shame that we aren’t playing it at the MCG, alas it’s a Saints home game and after there demolition of the Tigers they will be full of confidence, let’s hope over-confident.

Team selection will be interesting, with Woosha talking up the possible selection of Josh “Fridge” Begley, who has done everything asked of him in the magoo’s, coming in at the expense of Josh Green one would think. Yes we love a red head, so hopefully Aaron Francis isnt far away either, but not this week imo.

I doubt that there will be too many other changes for the game, although a number of players were rested from the VFL last weekend (Begley, Langford, Luey, plus 1 or 2 others). The Saints will have to make at least 1 change with Tim Membrey out for a couple, after a late high bump against the Tigers.

The winner will be determined by the midfield run, so we need to be all over the likes of Billings and Jobe’s cousin Seb Ross has put together a solid batch of games in 2017. If our younger brigade (Parish, McGrath, McKenna etc) can continue to run & place pressure around the footy, we have a massive chance. Remember we only lost by a couple of goals when we played them late in 2016, we have some significant “ins” since that game…

The Bombers can win it, the best chance of that happening is by me not attending (I’ve been to 3 games this year, all losses to Carlscum, Tigres & Bears). So I’ll be watching from the couch and will be hoping that we deliver a victory to keep us in the hunt. Joey will kick 5 and McGrath will tear it up of half back.

Go Dons.

The Correspondent


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