By Milton

How much better is Monday after a bloody good win! I would go as far as saying, it could be minus 3 degrees outside, pouring rain, the world – coffeeless, Donald Trump could be our Prime Minister, The XXXX Milton brewery could be closing and this Monday would still be better than last Monday. Losing to the Brisbane Lions is almost worth it if it means beating Collingwood.

The weekends result proved it’s not all doom and gloom and as the Sweeper man said during lasts weeks’ podcast, they have yet again provided us with a glimmer of hope, and we now we know what it feels like to be a Melbourne supporter. The Bombers were back to playing like we knew they could and it goes to show the Correspondents comments are right on the money – Bring Essendon’s home games back to the G!

The biggest difference? A bitta fucking mongrel! Led by two players whose aggression, passion, and mongrel will never be questioned; Brendan Goddard and Tom Bellchambers. Nothing infuriates me more than a big unit who doesn’t throw his weight around and big Belly loves physicality more than a fat kid loves cupcakes, which is why he never will and never should have lost his spot to Leuenberger. Not to mention his superior finishing ability.

Levi Greenwoods cowardly act on Zac Merrett sums up Collingwood’s season, sums up Collingwood as a team and as a club. Greenwoods inability to play football saw him entrench his elbow firmly into Merretts chin in attempt to stop the most in-from mid-fielder in the competition. First on the scene? None other than Goddard and Bellchambers! Greenwood started it and BJ and Belly finished it. That kind of thing gives me a stiffy, not even a half-munga, a raging, full-blooded stiffy.
Another moment in the game that proved there was a different attitude and feeling in this game; Michael Hurley (who could also be included in the Goddard, Bellchambers category) throwing Levi ‘fucking spud’ Greenwood into the fence followed by him reaching around the umpire to get his hands-on Scott Pendlebury, rag-dolling him and giving an almighty spray.

Collingwood have been under a lot of scrutiny and rightly so. It’s their putrid skills which have copped it over the last few days but it was their attitude, in my opinion, that was and is an absolute disgrace. Maynard in particular, who has to be the shittest cunt in the league, was one of the worst performing players on the ground. On at least 2 occasions after his direct opponent kicked goals, shifted the blame and sprayed his team mates. His attitude is worse than his horrendous haircut and he, along with his mate Levi are complete and utter cancers to the team. Their attitudes would see them fit in perfectly at the Holden Centre and I have no doubt they are captains of the ‘shit cunts united social club’ at Collingwood. I hope they have long, unsuccessful and painful careers because Collingwood will never be any good with players like that in their team.

Essendon are ranked 15th for inside 50’s in the competition which explains why our forwards don’t get an awful lot of the footy but their efficiency once inside 50 ranks up there with the best – No surprise given the ability of Daniher, Hooker and Stewart. Even though their stats aren’t all that great, very rarely do any of these 3 ever get out-marked. At the very least, they will bring the ball to ground. Add Fantasia and Walla in there and you have yourself a very dangerous forward line. I am not ready to add Green into that group. His finishing ability is good but he is lazy and more than often his goals are handed to him on a silver platter.

I said it a few games into the season and I will say it again – sign James Kelly for 2018! Still the best tackler in the team, very clean and disposal is as good as any. Great for younger players’ development, in particular, one Ooo Ahh Andrew McGrath.

Overall, a very solid effort from the Dons! Bounced back well from last week and thus, I am happy to report, I am off suicide watch… for now. Bring on the in-form Saints!


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