Cowardly sniping

By sweep

Here we are, on a Sunday – the day after a good performance, and all seems right in the world again. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and enjoyed taking the mickey out of my dirty magpie mates even more. The fact the bombers were able to remain composed when the Pies rallied strongly in the third quarter was reassuring for we fans. This is not a write up on the performance of the boys, Milton will take the reigns and do that again this week. This is my thoughts on a couple of dog-acts that we witnessed yesterday.

In the third quarter, an average footballer with an even more average name, lined up our star midfielder without even looking at the footy and proceeded to introduce his elbow to Zach Merretts chin. A melee then ensued after Merrett was left lying on his back clutching his jaw. The act itself was complete and utter filth. A cowards act off the ball, is putting it nicely. It was so cowardly, it reminded me of my days playing country footy – when the tide is against you, you’ve just got to go the knuckle. Levi (no, not I’m not referring to a pair of jeans, that is his name) Greenwood should be rubbed out for at least 3-4 weeks after that disgraceful act.

Credit where credit is due, he managed to get Zach removed from the game for 20 minutes whilst he underwent a concussion test. In doing so, the magpies edged to within 15 points for a period, before Merrett came back on and booted the first goal of the last quarter. The point is however, that Greenwood had no eyes for the ball, and his act was disgraceful to say the least.

Another utterly repugnant act was from mediocre Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard, the incident occurred after he was tackled by our mercurial forward Raz. Maynard didn’t like the fact that he was tackled (which is perfectly fine – as per the laws of our game) and proceeded to pick up Raz and rag doll him all over the interchange bench. Maynard should be thankful (as should Greenwood) that they’re even playing the game at the top level. If it weren’t for the fact they played for that rabble Collingwood, they would likely both be playing 3rd grade amateurs – an insight I am basing on their unexceptional skillsets and spit-the-dummy type personalities.

In a nutshell, I believe Collingwood are a team that lacks direction, and can only be described as a team of downhill skiers. When the game is going against them, they drop their heads. Nothing fills me with greater pride, than knowing it was our performance yesterday that likely ended Buckley’s coaching career. I’m also extremely proud of the way our boys stood up for their team mates, and were not afraid to ‘show a bitta mongrel’ after being targeted by opposition snipers.


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