By the Correspondent


The Correspondent here, with a few thoughts for this Saturdays game against the Pies. Yep as they say, a week is a long time in footy & this week has been particularly long following the disaster that was last Sunday arvo.


So moving on (because I/ we need too) to this week, 2pm Sat arvo at the G. That alone just sounds right, gee I wish we could fill that time slot more often & more so that venue. I have a distaste for the Docklands (which I have previously mentioned on the podcast) for many reasons, lets just say it’s all about access (to the ground, The Royal…) but overall it’s the home of footy & where the biggest games are won.


Enough of that, so to the game, well there aint much chance of us dishing up that same shite two weeks running is there? Prior to the Brisbane game, we have played a block of good footy, yes we lost games, but the overall effort & play made us more than competitive.


Is the Pies season over, possibly? Is Buckley’s coaching career done? Maybe (pretty sure he’ll retain his gig at Prahran U11’s).


I am guessing that Darcy Moore won’t play, which means the Pies go in with a small forward line, so we will need the likes of Baggers, Irish & Pidge (unless rested) to play tight on their opponents. The game will be decided in the mids, again our boys will need to be all over Pendlebury, Treloar & Co. I’ll back in our forward line to beat the Pies defense, let’s just get the ball in quickly.


So how will we line up? No doubt a couple of boys will feel the sting from the selection table, I think Josh Green might take a rest, same for Trav Colyer. Perhaps one more (McGrath – rested?) but if I’m right the interest will be in who comes in. I think either Begley or Francis will be one of the in’s and it wouldn’t surprise me if Koby Mutch got a call up. I don’t mind David Myers (yes I know opinion is divided), he’s missed a stack of footy, but a bigger body in the mids and that left leg can hurt teams. We stick with TBell, against an in form Grundy. Stewart may lose out, if both Francis & Begley are to play.


On the stats front both teams are pretty even, except for clearances (highlighted above), where we are pretty much worst in the comp. So we need to address that, hence potentially Myers back in and we need to see “team” effort and faster ball movement.


I’m not going this Saturday, which means we will win, as I’ve been to 3 games this year (Carlton, Tigers & Lions) so I have banned myself from attending (this week)!


Go Dons,

The Correspondent


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