Match Preview: Round 15 Essendon vs Brisbane | Etihad Stadium

By sweep

I’m back from the land of the cane toad, mid-strength beer that is guzzled by the litre and a spirit affectionately referred to as Queensland Diesel. In what has been a tough few days for us Don supporters – grieving is a process. One that we’re all experiencing, however those emotions shall give way to sheer elation this week. So get excited!

Also, how good is the news about Joey D! Get excited guys! The kid is going to be the best player in the league in two years time. Guaranteed.

Form lines.

The Lions have been ok of late. That is surprising, I know! They knocked off that miserable mob from the West the same weekend we touched up Port. After that, they have suffered some heavy losses at the hands of Port Adelaide and that side from Western Sydney. The irrelevant one.

We, on the other hand, are playing some pretty darn good footy. We look amazing when we are able to move the ball freely. One area for concern, is our kick-ins. The Solution eluded to this point earlier this week in the podcast. After giving this much thought, I have decided that Walla should take the kick-ins. I think he is the best field kick in the team, and if the ball was in his hands on Friday, he would’ve dodged that fucking smother!

On a serious note, I have to admit that watching the bombers at the moment when they play the free-flowing footy they have been, is like watching Angels perform some sort of opera. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

The danger man.

Rockliff or Zorko are always good players for the Lions. They have proven to be ball winners and have given us some trouble in the past. I don’t see either of their influence costing us the game on this occasion however.

The money

Go with Essendon above 39 points for this game. That is returning $1.67. I think that is a pretty safe bet this week.

The conclusion

Essendon boys will come out snarling after last weekend. If they come to play, they could kick the highest score in AFL history. I cannot see the Lions getting close to our guys this weekend. However, they have been somewhat of a boogie team for us in recent years.

Essendon to win by 68 points.




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