Match Preview: Round 11 GWS vs Essendon | Somewhere in Sydney

By Sweep

In a week where we sit back and marvel at the spectacle that is state of origin, and sift through pointless articles about who would make the Big V squad if we still lived in the good old days, we are instead forced to shift our anticipation towards a fixture against a pointless club that literally stands for nothing.

Form lines.

The Giants are limping through the season, sweeping teams aside as they go. Last week they literally had 26 players to choose from and still managed a win. That just makes me feel sorry for the four blokes that missed out, making me think back to the fat kid that was always picked last in phys ed. Just goes to show how fair those handouts that they’ve received are from the AFL.

We on the other hand, were disappointing on the big stage last weekend. Prior to this, we had played some scintillating footy, notching up great wins against the Cats and Eagles on the back of some Daniher Dominance and Majestic Merretty Magic.

The danger man.

I am not going to lie – the only GWS player I know is Steve Johnson. And he is not playing, so I have no idea who it is exactly that we will need to stop. So, with that in mind – let’s just say Tom Scully. Because he is a millionaire, right?

The money

At $4.50 Essendon represents decent value this week. Keep in mind the Giants are returning from Perth, have had one less day’s rest and preparation, have bugger all players to choose from coupled with the fact it is BJ Goddards 300th game and that $4.50 looks a lot better. Chuck a $10er on it. It may return you a carton if it gets up!

The conclusion

I feel as though it’s going to be a tough weekend for our lads. We have some outs in Kelly and Parish. They’ve been replaced by Stants and Gleeson – it’s just hard to see us turning it around against this team of talent laden individuals (even though they’re nameless).

GWS to win by 10… (that is all, you can take that as goals or points)


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