Match Preview: Round 9 Essendon vs West Coast | Etihad Stadium

By Sweep

“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis…” I hum to myself as the train lurches forward. It is at this point it dawns on me; This unreal hip-hop song, Juicy by Notorious B.I.G for the uninitiated, serves as a sign. It was time for me to dust off the keyboard and write a match preview for this weekend’s match against the Eagles. I was listening to my East Coast vs West Coast hip-hop playlist, when I realised the irony of the song I was listening to. Long-time listeners of the podcast will know that we, at Wind Sock towers, are avid fans of hip-hop. They will also know of my utter detestation for THAT team from the West. “Fuck all you hoes…Get a grip motherfucker” the song starts. An apt opening for what must be my most hated team. I cast my mind forward and start to think of those “hoes” as  the West Coast Eagles.

“It was all a dream” – Form lines.

Two weeks ago, I stated in our podcast that the season was done. That old saying that “a week is a long time in football” couldn’t be truer in this instance. The match selection panel, have listened to our collective cries to play James Stewart and put Cale Hooker in the backline. We smashed the Cats with our attacking game plan in the wide-open spaces. Our forward line was functional. We looked like a half decent bloody footy team. It was also pleasing to see Zaharakis fiind the footy. On the other side of the coin, the Weegles got up over in the west against the reigning premiers, and are sitting in third place.

“Don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars…” – The danger man.

Josh Kennedy represents a huge challenge for our key defenders. I would love to see Hooker go straight to him this weekend. This frees up Hurley to run off Darling across the half-back line and play that quarterback type role. I also can’t help but think the Frenchman Le Cras and Sam Mitchell will be dangerous this weekend. Mitchell and Le Cras both have very good records against the Bombres and will need to be shut down. Baguley seems to get touched up by Le Cras often, so perhaps we test Andy McGrath out against him.

“50 inch screen, money green leather sofa…” – The money

At $2.50 for the win, the Dons represent good value. Even better value is the Bombers to win with a margin under 39 points at $3.10.  For the adventurous punter, Walla is paying $17.00 for the first goal of the match. I have a feeling in my waters that the little Ranga Josh Green will kick one through the middle first up, netting me $20 that I’ll consider a bit more closely as well.

“Representin’ B-Town in the house, Junior Mafia, mad flavor, uh…” The conclusion

Both teams will go into this one relatively confident of getting the choccies. Neither side has made any changes to their teams from last weekend’s wins. My take on this one, is that if the Dons can overcome that woeful kicking that we fans were subjected to the last time they played at Etihad, we should be able to enjoy a win by furiously waving a jacket above our heads. If it turns out that Woosha opts not to wave said article of clothing,  he can expect to be douched in next weeks podcast!

Essendon to win by 13 points.


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